TUICO in the Front line Curbing the Spread of the Coronavirus

The world of work is being profoundly affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The novel coronavirus is not only a threat to public health but also to our economy. It brings to social disruption and it threatens the long-term livelihoods and well-being of millions across the globe.


TUICO Member from Morogoro put on his face mask. This is one of the approaches the Union is insisting its members to use in halting the spread of the pandemic

An initial assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on the global world of work by International Labor Organization says the effects will be far-reaching, pushing millions of people into unemployment, underemployment and working poverty, and proposes measures for a decisive, coordinated and immediate response.

Hand washing mechanism. Employee and members of TUICO wash their hands before getting into the office.

This is why Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO) that organizes members from Industries, Commercial, Finance, Services and Consultancy is constantly insisting its members to take all the precautionary measures in halting the spread of the novel coronavirus. TUICO is calling for its members to use face masks, frequently washing hands, sanitizing and we are currently  implementing shift works.

TUICO members from National Printing Company Ltd (KIUTA) in Dar es Salaam holding posters with a message on the symptoms of the Covid-19 and the precautionary measures.


To make  this possible, TUICO has installed sanitizer dispensers, flowing water and it has directed all zonal, regional and local branches to abide with the directives by the Ministry of Health in Tanzania and by the World Health Organization

During this pandemic, the Office of the Human Resources Officer at TUICO is daily providing face masks to all the staff members in order to ensure health and safety of the employees.

Sanitizer Dispenser installed at TUICO’s Head Office in Dar es Salaam

As a strong trade union, TUICO urges all employers to not using the Covid-19 pandemic as a chance to violate workers  rights. This is a global pandemic, facing almost everyone. Let us unite in curbing its spread without endangering workers rights.

However, revolution on Information Technology is playing a very major role in strengthening our structures and making TUICO the best in terms of services delivery to the members. Staff members are undertaking online meetings, which is the impact of IT development in the Union. STAY SAFE. WORK SAFE.



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